Off-site Clinical Supervisor Information

Internship Supervisor’s Role and Responsibilities

  1. ASHA requires all supervisors to hold the CCC in the appropriate area. The site supervisor must also hold an active license from his/her state licensing board, if applicable. Supervisors in school settings must also hold the appropriate state teaching license, if applicable. ASHA has established 13 tasks of supervision. These serve as guidelines for the AU MS-SLP program with regard to clinical supervision. The 13 tasks of supervision can be found on page 34 of the Graduate Student Handbook
  2. Clinical supervisors will provide copies of his/her ASHA account number and state license number, if applicable, to the AU MS-SLP program Clinical Director prior to the student’s commencement of the clinical experience. The Clinical Director and Program Administrative Assistant will verify ASHA Certification and state license
  3. Clinical supervisors will approve clinical clock hour logs on a daily or weekly basis via Calipso.
  4. Clinical supervisors will provide appropriate amount of supervision to meet the student’s level of knowledge, experience, and competence.
  5. Clinical supervisors will provide supervision sufficient to ensure the welfare of the client.
  6. Clinical supervisors will provide direct supervision defined, according to ASHA Standard V-E, as real time supervision that must never be less than 25% of the student’s total contact with each client, and must take place periodically throughout the practicum or internship. Direct supervision is defined as on-site observation, or closed-circuit TV monitoring, of the student clinician. 
  7. The student will appreciate and benefit from feedback regarding performance and goal setting. The AU MS-SLP program has developed clinical evaluation tools for this purpose. These evaluation tools are in accordance with ASHA Standards. Clinical supervisors must provide, in a coordinated effort with the student clinician, a formal written evaluation once at midpoint and again at the completion of the experience. Feedback should be conveyed that addresses strengths and areas of opportunity for growth in a constructive manner.


Graduate Student Handbook
CALIPSO Supervisor Instructions
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