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College of Health & Human Services Annual Magazine: The Pulse

We are living in an exciting time where there is a high demand for health professionals everywhere. In response to the need for qualified professionals, Andrews University has responded with the College of Health & Human Services. We are excited to announce the annual Andrews University College of Health & Human Services Magazine: The Pulse. This was created to give a snapshot of all the accomplishments made by each department during the previous academic school year. CLICK HERE to view.



Andrews University clinic to remove barriers to Parkinson’s speech therapy in Michigan

 Parkinson Voice Project of Richardson, Texas (A Texas nonprofit clinic) is collaborating with the Andrews University Speech-Language & Hearing Clinic, to help all Michigan residents with Parkinson’s Disease have access to high-quality speech treatment. Our clinic will specialize in online treatment delivery and commits to providing SPEAK OUT!®  Therapy at no cost to any person in Michigan diagnosed with Parkinson’s or a related movement disorder. To learn more please CLICK HERE