Professional Resources  
If you need further information about Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology please feel free to visit the following websites.

  • ASHA - American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • NSSLHA - National Student Speech Language Hearing Association   
  • MSHA - Michigan Speech-Language-Hearing Association              
  • NCVS - National Center for Voice and Speech
  • AAA - American Academy of Audiology

Graduate Scholarship Opportunity, is a resource dedicated to helping aspiring SLPs navigate graduate school and state licensure. Our new database has scholarship opportunities that Andrews University students can apply to. Our resource features over 60 up to date scholarship opportunities for speech-language pathology students. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Student Specific Resources 

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 Courses & Syllabi

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Speech Pathology Audiology
SPPA 270 Diagnostic Report
SPPA 270 Record of Observation
SPPA 270 Therapy Session
SPPA 481 Clinical Clock Hours
SPPA 481 Daily Progress (SOAP) Notes
SPPA 481 Daily Therapy Plan
SPPA 481 Practicum Log
SPPA 481 Semester Treatment Plan 

CAP Recommendations
SPPA 331, 332 Practice Audiograms
SPPA 331, 332, 458 and 482 Audiogram
Report of Audiological Observation
SPPA 482 Audiology Practicum Log
SPPA 482 Clinical Clock Hours
Basic Audiology