Welcome to the Collaborative Ministry website—we are excited that you are here!

The goal of this site is to provide tools, training, and support for pastors and educators to work together more effectively in reaching children and their families for Jesus. Our top priority is to do everything we can to help revive Adventist education and its mission to the world.

A CognitiveGenesis research study shows that when Adventist schools are thriving, the students attending those schools are receiving an education that is far above the national average, academically and spiritually. Even when factoring in our struggling Adventist schools, our overall academic test scores are still well above the national average for public schools. Most importantly, our schools have the amazing opportunity to lead students and families to an eternal relationship with Jesus from a distinctively Adventist perspective!

This site outlines four steps that help schools grow and become more community-oriented. Check out the overviews for each section and browse through each of the four areas for more ideas and resources; feel free to send us your questions, ideas, and ways that you have helped your school thrive.

This website is a part of the Collaborative Ministry course required for all students to take at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University. Scott R. Ward, DMin is the lead professor for this initiative and is also available for training and consulting with your conference and school. His information is found in the Contact Tab. Let's collaborate.