Community Care

Let's go beyond the walls! This section covers many ways you and your church school can get involved in the community. Discipleship begins with meeting and developing spiritual relationships with the students at school. The process then continues in the community as you teach them to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world around them. The goal is to partner with your teachers to model for the students how to put their faith into action.

Community Gardening

A great way to teach students practical skills

Acts of Kindness

Spread compassion in the community on a regular basis



A great way to be active and seen in the community

The Angel1 Project

A resource for sharing the good news of the gospel


Boys and Girls Clubs

Become mentors for young boys and girls in need


Change Day

Give back to the community through acts of service


LGBTQ+ Education

Host honest and open conversations


Inclusive Fun Day

Host a fun day for kids with disabilities


Mission Trips

Help teens change their worldview and actively share the gospel worldwide


Neighborhood Sports Day

Connect the students and youth in the community through a sporting event

Soup's On!

Get your students to volunteer for those in need


The Clean-Up Crews

Put the faith of your youth into action by serving others


The Ice Cream "Truck"

Bring the community together with this delicious idea

Food Drive

Help provide food for those in need


Become a Liaison

Partner with your local municipalities and officials in your community