International Prospective Students

To start, visit the Internation Student Services & Programs page.

General Financial Information

If you are coming to Andrews and want some more information regarding International Student pricing and additional costs please visit the Undergraduate Finances page, if you have any additional questions regarding the pricing of tuition or scholarships you will need to contact the International Student Financial Aid Specialist. Jackie Yates is the International Student Financial Aid Specialist, she is best reached by email and then by phone 269.471.3834





Undergraduate Academic Policies

 In order to find all of the policies and requirements for Undergraduate International Students, please follow this link as it has detailed information regarding the current academic year. 

International Student Checklist 

Alien Flight Student Program Application Guide

Before commencing the application, contact the Department so we can validate the application. The Department of Aviation must validate the application, non-validated applications will be rejected and have to be redone. Note: Andrews University Department of Aviation provides Category 3 Flight Training, aircraft you will be flying includes, (PA28-181, P28R, PA44-180, and a C-150 ). International Student Application, once the page opens click on Application Guide to get helpful information in filling out your application, after reading through this and having all required documentation you will need to Create New Candidate Account

Helpful Links for Application Guide

Common Errors PDF

AOPA TSA Application Guide

Aviation Financial Information

In addition to regular tuition and fees, a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) application fee for permission to commence flight training is required for all foreign flight training students. Before commencing the application, contact the Department of Aviation so we can validate the application. We must validate this application, non-validated applications will be rejected and have to be redone. A TSA-approved application allots one year of training from the time the application is approved for each certificate/rating offered. If a student does not complete the certificate/rating in that time frame, they will be required to get another application approved before continuing flight training. This fee will be for each of the following courses offered: Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, and Multi-engine rating this fee is $130.00

FAA Airman Knowledge Testing Documentation

Below are part of the requirements and acceptable forms of identification for ALL Non U.S.. Citizens no matter if they are taking Flight, or Maintenance, as this testing is required for all certificates and ratings. Don't forget to read the acceptable forms of identifcation list and notes section.  Without the proper forms, students will NOT be allowed to take the FAA Airman Knowledge Tests.

Students MUST have a U.S. Drivers permit or a US Government identifcation card. 

Applying for a standard State ID at the local Secretary of State office.

  1. Present proof of a valid Social Security number OR a letter of ineligibility from the Social Security Adminstration.
  2. Present proof of identity documents, U.S. citizenship or legal presence and residency
  3. Passport
  4. 2 items with your name and current address
  5. Pay the standard state ID card fee if not exempt