How it Works

The idea of exploring your academic options sounds great, but you’re probably wondering how it all works.

If you choose to take part in this program, you will build relationships with your academic advisor, our faculty and other student success staff. Below are highlights of a few key areas the program focuses on.

Strategic Advising

One-on-one academic advising is critical in making sure a student takes the right courses. Within the Explore Andrews Program we use an approach of strategic advising to ensure that students take specific, broad interest courses that will help expose them to multiple options while also making sure that each student is making progress towards timely graduation.

Academic Curriculum

Students in the Explore Andrews program will focus primarily on fist year courses that comprise the foundation of the Andrews Core Experience, also known as ACE.  Commonly referred to as general education, the ACE package allows students to explore courses and curriculum that can lead into a major, but will also fulfill university requirements. This way, students are still making progress towards a timely graduation by completing university requirements while also having the flexibility to take courses in areas of interest. 

Co-curricular Programming and Value Added Experiences

One thing each student discovers at Andrews University is that learning does not stop in the classroom. The same will be true with the Explore Andrews Program, where you’ll find that daily opportunities to interact with your fellow students build on your classroom experiences. These opportunities will help expose you to different career and major choices, as well as exposure to the community outside of Andrews Univeristy and how that relates to your faith.

You’ll discover that these opportunities within and outside of classroom study are truly unique to Andrews University, and they offer you a distinctive advantage as you prepare for your life and career goals.