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Shelton Farms, Niles, MI

Campus Supporters

Andrews University is the host site for the Easter Passion Play. Hundreds of campus departments and student volunteers provide leadership and staffing for the yearly event. Andrews University has been a faithful supporter of the event since its beginnings and continues to reflect an attitude of service and mission.


The Easter Passion Play currently holds their offices in the Office of Campus Ministries.  Campus Ministries is the hub for spiritual life at Andrews University.  They exist to help students find their God-given purpose in life. The offer many powerful and inspirational ministries that keep the Andrews community in touch with God. That community extends beyond the campus to share the love of God with their neighbors through their various outreach ministries.  Their missions department provides students with the opportunity to serve God beyond the campus and even our country.


The Center for Youth Evangelism has been established as a training and resource center for claiming, training and reclaiming youth and young adults for Jesus Christ.  Under its direction, the Easter Passion Play was first established in 2003. It continues to support the ministry by providing many resources, including sound equipment, lighting equipment and costumes, to name a few.


When you arrive on campus for the Easter Passion Play, you will be welcomed by the Howard Performing Arts Center staff.  In February of 2001, St. Joseph, Michigan residents John and Dede Howard shared a generous gift with the intention to see a performing arts center constructed on our campus. They envisioned a world-class facility for fine arts presentations – a state of the art resource devoted to performance, recording and broadcasting of classical music, and a cultural center to be shared and enjoyed by the community.  The Howard welcomes you to experience the power of music at any of their upcoming events.


The Pioneer Memorial Church has been an avid supporter of the Easter Passion Play by hosting our event Hospitality Center. At the end of your rotation you'll be given an opportunity to share a praise or pray with staff. They also provide our Kids Corner where children are given an opportunity to   Pioneer is an international church that represents more than 200 countries so no matter where you're from, you're welcome. If you are new in the area or searching for a church family, you are invited to visit Pioneer as you journey with God together.


Integrated Marketing & Communication
ILS (International Learning Systems)
Johnson Gymnasium
Office of Student Life
Plant Services

Public Safety
Screen Graphics
Student Association
Student Movement

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Dan Agnetta
Martin Bradfield
Llona Chapman
Henry Davis
Katherine Koudele
David Jardine
Harvey Kilsby
Martin Lee
Rebecca May
Steve Nash
Jerrett Pate
Pat Spangler
Keri Suarez
Mike Villwock
Dominique Wakefield
R Deborah Weithers