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The Andrews University Easter Passion Play

Pastor Ron WhiteheadIn 2003, Andrews University put on its first Easter Passion Play.  The introduction of this play was through the vision and dedication of Pastor Ron Whitehead.  Pastor Whitehead spent his childhood attending passion plays around the world with his family, including the world-famous play in Oberammergau, Germany.  In 2002, he did some research and found that there were no other interactive outdoor passion plays in a two-hour radius.  After sharing this research with University leaders, he received unanimous support.  Pastor Whitehead saw this information as God’s sign to move ahead and start the planning process.  In the fall of 2002 a great team of supportive students, campus leaders and community members came together and started to undertake this project.  In 2003 their hard work paid off and the first Easter Passion Play on the campus of Andrews University was produced.

Over the past several years, student leaders, campus faculty and staff, and the community have continued to portray Christ’s ultimate gift of love.  By offering viewers a chance to be engaged with the story, we are reminded of Christ’s sacrifice.  Though the Easter Passion Play has seen many difficulties throughout the years (including the occasional Michigan snow storm) God has always provided and continued to bless the growth of this ministry.

We hope to see at this year’s Passion Play as we experience the Passion of Christ together.

Passion Play Archive

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2012 Easter Passion Play
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