Adjunct aproject/Professional Dissertation Advisors

Guidelines for Résumé Preparation

When preparing your résumé or curriculum vitae to provide us information that will be helpful to us to evaluate your role as an adjunct professional dissertation advisor, we recommend that you include the following items:

1.       Academic Experience

a.      Mention the degrees you have earned, the institution where they were earned, and when.

b.      Indicate the area of academic/professional expertise of the last degree you have earned.

c.       Include a list of publications in reverse chronological order (the most recent at the top).

2.      Professional Experience

a.      Mention the number of years of professional experience you have had in all facets of ministry.  Include a brief description of what your responsibilities were.

b.      List references (examples: conference president, ministerial secretary, colleagues, etc.)

3.      Commitments to the Doctor of Ministry program:

Please indicate in your résumé or curriculum vitae whether you are willing to make the following commitments while you serve as an advisor for the Doctor of Ministry program at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary:

I commit myself to be a spiritual mentor to my advisee, to pray with him/her, and to provide spiritual advice as needed.

As an advisor, I commit myself to attend an annual on-line orientation for Doctor of Ministry advisors.

Upon receipt of your résumé or curriculum vitae, the Doctor of Ministry committee will determine whether you can serve at a beginning (level 1) or advanced (level 2) level of advising. Beginning level 1 is for someone who has never done this before–this person can serve as second reader on a student’s committee. Advanced level 2 is for those who have experience in advising projects/dissertations–this advisor can serve as the committee chair of a student’s project. Requests for exceptions must go to the DMin committee.

4.     Adjunct advisors and readers are coordinated by the DMin program's associate director, who also serves as the DMin professional dissertation coach.