Structure of the DMin Program

The Doctor of Ministry is a professional doctoral degree designed for full-time professionals in the context of their ministry. A variety of concentrations is offered, delivered in the cohort format. Occasional cohorts may be offered using Spanish as the language of instruction. Various concentrations may be offered for cohorts in the context of their ministry outside the North American Division.

The program is built on the foundation of the MDiv degree or the equivalent, and is comprised of a total of 32 semester credits, 26 of which are for modules and course work, and six for the project.

A typical program might look like this:


Year 1 1st concentration module 4 credits
  DMin Project Seminar 4 credits
Year 2 Spiritual & Theological Fdtns. 8 credits
Year 3 2nd concentration  module 5 credits
  Project 3 credits
Year 4 3rd concentration module 5 credits
  Project 3 credits
Year 5-6 Complete the DMin project continuation


Program participants should choose a concentration, which will be delivered in a cohort format.