Time Limit & Extensions

The Doctor of Ministry is a part-time program for full-time ministry professionals. Course work and project credits are registered in 8-credit increments each year for four years—a total of 32 credits. Each year’s study module includes an intensive that requires attendance for about 2½ weeks. Pre- and post-intensive work and project implementation are done independently. Up to six additional semesters (two years) are allowed to complete the implementation of the project and preparation of the project manuscript leading up to the project assessment event, which culminates the Doctor of Ministry journey. For most participants, this is more than sufficient time to complete the degree requirements. Persons who have not finished by that time are eligible to be dropped from the program.

Occasionally, unforeseen circumstances may prevent a participant from being quite ready for assessment by the time the end of the six-year program limit is in sight. Persons who wish to petition a one-year program extension should apply no later than the beginning of the final semester within their six-year limit; the window of opportunity to apply will close thirty days into that semester.

A petition for a one-year extension may be considered when the following criteria have been met:

  1. Participants requesting a one-year extension must provide an advisor's supporting statement and signature or email from the advisor, affirming the feasibility of the participant's being able to complete the program within the extension year. This may be sent to dmin@andrews.edu.
  2. Provide a plan for completion with a  timeline, describing specific tasks to be completed, incremental dates for projected completion of each task, and the anticipated graduation date. This may be sent to the DMin office via email. A completion timeline template is provided to help you organize the information the program administrators require.
  3. Applicants must have satisfactory grades (non-DG) for every course module prior to applying for an extension
  4. The participant has an approved project proposal.
  5. Chapters two and three must be approved by the advisor and second reader (ask them to send email confirmation to dmin@andrews.edu), OR...
  6. A serious life calamity has slowed completion (conditions 1 and 2 must be met).

This privilege comes with a higher cost: registration for GSEM788 Project Continuation each semester in an extension year will be charged an extenstion registration fee at a rate as posted in the AU Bulletin. DMin office personnel will, on request, prepare a petition form on your behalf for submission to the DMin Committee. Contact the office at 1-269-471-3544 or dmin@andrews.edu.

Persons who are dropped from the program may re-apply to enter a new cohort at a later time if they wish. Those who are re-admitted will retain any  module credits previously earned with grades of B or better if the courses are applicable toward the concentration of choice, but will be required to repeat attendance at all intensives with the new cohort.