Introduction to the Assessment Process

We want to know how we are doing in achieving the goals we share with you, the learner, and how we are contributing to important change in you, your ministry, and the community you serve. So we have implemented a thorough assessment process.

Assessment in the Andrews Doctor of Ministry program includes the outcomes envisioned for your learning experience, direct assessment in your modules, direct assessment for your professional dissertation proposal, for each chapter in the professional dissertation, and for the dissertation defense. Further, we implement several steps in program assessment such as surveys regarding your learning experience each year, an exit survey, and feedback from a context support group built around your ministry development plan.

We have prepared a statement of the assessment theory our approach is grounded in, a guide to assessment for your review, a description of how we close the loop of assessment, and displays of the tools and surveys you will encounter in the program. Those all appear in this section of the web site.

Thanks for your help as you provide the important feedback assessment provides. It contributes to our constant improvement!