Criteria for Approval of Adjunct Dissertation Advisors

In reviewing the résumés and curriculum vitae of potential adjunct project/dissertation advisors, the following criteria should be considered.

Academic Criteria
  1. The adjunct advisor has a terminal degree (DMin, EdD, PhD).
  2. The area of academic/professional expertise in the terminal degree is clearly identified.
  3. A list of publications is attached.
  4. The list of publications gives a sense that the adjunct advisor has literary, writing, and critical analysis skills and competencies.
Professional Criteria
  1. The number of years of professional experience in all facets of ministry is indicated.
  2. Areas and/or types of professional/academic experience are clearly articulated.

The potential adjunct advisor has made the following two commitments:

  • I commit myself to be a spiritual mentor to my advisee, to pray with him/her, and to provide spiritual advice as needed.
  • As an advisor, I commit myself to attend an annual online orientation for Doctor of Ministry advisors.

The evaluating committee should be able to determine whether the applicant can serve at a beginning (level 1) or advanced (level 2) level of advising. Beginning level is for someone who has never done this before–this person can serve as second reader on a student’s committee. Advanced level is for those who have experience in advising projects/dissertations–this advisor can serve as the committee chair of a student’s project.