Doctor of Ministry

Criteria Check Sheet for Approval of Adjunct Project Advisors

Name: ____________________________

After reviewing the résumés and/or curriculum vitae of the candidate, the following criteria are met:

1.  Academic Criteria

___  The adjunct advisor has a terminal degree (DMin, EdD, PhD).

___  The area of academic/professional expertise in the terminal degree is clearly identified.

     The area(s) of academic/professional expertise is______________________________________________                                    


___  A list of publications is attached.

___  The list of publications gives a sense that the adjunct advisor has literary, writing, and critical analysis skills and competencies.

2.  Professional Criteria

___  The number of years of professional experience in all facets of ministry are indicated.

___  Areas and/or types of professional/academic experience are clearly articulated.

     These areas/types of professional/academic experience include: _________________________________________________              


___  Evidence of successful ministry can be affirmed.

3. The candidate for adjunct project advisor has made the following commitments:

___  I commit myself to be a spiritual mentor to my advisee, to pray with him/her, and to provide spiritual advice as needed.

___  As an advisor, I commit myself to attend an annual on-line orientation for Doctor of Ministry advisors.

The Adjunct Project Advisor Evaluating Committee recommends this advisor to serve at

___  Level 1 (Beginning)

___       Level 2 (Advanced)



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