Guidelines for Remuneration of Faculty


The Doctor of Ministry program is a professional doctoral program for people engaged in ministry. Quality of education goals within the program require teams of field and seminary professionals in collaboration as modules are planned and teaching intensives delivered. Therefore the remuneration practices are unique.


A lead teacher has module design responsibility, presentation responsibility during a teaching intensive portion of a module, and follow-up of assignments with participants for the duration of the module.

A guest presenter may provide significant presentations at a teaching intensive but has little module design responsibility or follow-through with participants. Guest presenters typically present for the majority of a day or several days, provide an area of expertise, lead dialogue and exercises, and thus complete their responsibility.

Contract Remuneration:
  • Lead teacher: Remuneration is to be paid at the current Seminary set rate for contract faculty. Load adjustments for teaching credit and calculating the remuneration are as follows:
8 credits $5,000
7 credits $5,000
6 credits $4,000 (for GSEM706, 6 or 8 credits, the rate will be $5,000)
5 credits $4,000
4 credits $3,000
3 or fewer credits $1,000 per credit

Travel expenses are to be reimbursed in addition to this amount.

Remuneration for guest presenters
  • Guest presenter: $112.75 per full day, half this amount for a portion of a day up to a half day. For international sites, travel days may be added.

1. Each module is provided an allowance to cover honorariums and travel expenses for guest presenters. Check with the DMin administrative assistant for administration and financie for that amount.

2. For purposes of calculating teaching loads and thus contract remuneration amounts for lead faculty in DMin modules, a formula is applied as follows:

  • 8 and 7 credit module = 5 credits teaching load
  • 6 and 5 credit module = 4 credits teaching load
  • 4 credit module = 3 credits teaching load
  • 1 – 3 credit module = 1 credit teaching load per credit

3. A cohort coordinator or lead teacher may request a person with outstanding expertise who is not an employee of an SDA organization, and choose to remunerate above the guideline in consultation with the DMin director, as long as the module budget for faculty is within the allowance.

4. Seminary faculty who do guest presenting like their colleagues from the field, may receive an honorarium for the days of their activity during a teaching intensive. Such honorariums should always be within the amount of hte guideline.

5. Lead teachers should communicate with the DMin office regarding plans for utilizing the allowance for the teaching team.

Remuneration for Project/Dissertation/Portfolio advisors, readers, and defense chairperson for the Doctor of Ministry Program
  • Advisor: $500 honorarium
  • Second reader: $250 honorarium
  • Third reader: $150 honorarium
  • Defense chair: $100 honorarium