Student Stories

Doctoral Dissertation Defense: Jolive Chaves

The PhD in religion program is pleased to announce the oral doctoral dissertation defense of Jolive Chaves titled "A Study of the Nones in Brazil and USA in Light of Secularization Theory, With Missiological Implications." ... read more >

Seminary Town Hall Forum Series on Race 2

Quickly scanning my gallery view, I noticed that there were seminary professors and fellow seminarians in attendance.  It was in that moment I could not help but notice out of the 30 plus individuals in attendance there were... read more >

Jeff Tatarchuk, Alumnus

For too long, church members have believed that the call to ministry is primarily for pastors and evangelists. However, the Great Commission—given by Jesus, who was in the business of carpentry, to His disciples, who were in the... read more >

Dr. Dwight K. Nelson, Alumnus

Dr. Dwight K. Nelson is a legend in the Seventh-day Adventist church.  As lead pastor of the iconic Pioneer Memorial Church of Andrews University, Nelson has shepherded the diverse Andrews community for over 30 years through his preaching,... read more >

Maureen Hamblin

Serving God in Ireland was always her destiny. “I can see how every circumstance led me to where I am today,” said Maureen Hamblin, president of the Women's Clergy Network, full-time Seminary student, wife, mother and future pastor. “I... read more >

A Conversation With Danielle Barnard

When I was 17, I shared my call to ministry with my youth pastor, and since then I've known that Andrews was in my future. But, I came here reluctantly. I did not want to move to Michigan.... read more >

Women's Clergy Network Members Share Their Journey

“I know what I heard, and I heard what He said,” shared Maureen Hamblin, second-year Masters of Divinity candidate and Women’s Clergy Network President. “God said, ‘Who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here I am, send... read more >

Warren Gillin

“I probably have more male relatives that have gone to prison than to higher education,” said Warren Gillin, a second-year Masters of Divinity student.  “If it weren’t for my home church, I wouldn’t be here at the Seminary... read more >