Requirements for students who lack a Baccalaureate Degree

Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary
Policy for Applicants to MA in Pastoral Ministry Programs who lack a Baccalaureate Degree

Purpose of this policy:  To streamline the admission process and to create standardized admission requirements, as per ATS guidelines, for applicants lacking a baccalaureate degree.

ATS Policy:   “As many as 15 percent of the students in the professional master’s degree program may be admitted without possession of the baccalaureate degree or its educational equivalent.  Admission of such applicants should be restricted to persons with life experience that has prepared them for theological study at the graduate level. An institution admitting persons without a baccalaureate degree or its educational equivalent shall demonstrate that its process and criteria for evaluating academic ability are educationally appropriate and rigorous. ATS Bulletin 50, Part 1, p. B.4.2.

Admission Guidelines for Applicants Lacking a Baccalaureate Degree
Protocol. As part of the application process, the following procedure will be followed:

A. The student will submit the following:

  1. Research paper that demonstrates solid graduate-level research and writing skills
  2. A 1-page outline documenting at least 5-years of ministry leadership experience
  3. Resume of work experience.
  4. At least 3 recommendations.
  5. A Statement of Purpose

B. Additional Requirements:

  1. Additional Credits: For students accepted into the MAPMin program, an additional 6 credits (approved by the MAPMin Director) will be required to make up for the lack of an undergraduate degree.

The Seminary Masters Admissions Committee will process and approve all applications for admissions, only taking to the Deans’ Council and/or Seminary faculty cases outside of this policy.


Page updated January 2021/RN