Union College - Ortner Center

The M.A. in Pastoral Ministry  intensive classes meet in the Shawnee Porter Room, Ortner Center, on the campus of Union College. Food service and guest rooms are available in the Ortner Center; InMinistry Center program participants should call the Ortner center directly to reserve lodging and mention affiliation to Mid- America Union to receive a 20% dsicount.

Contact Information
Union College Ortner Center - Shawnee Porter Conference Room
3800 South 48th Street
Lincoln, NE  68506
Reservation: 402-486-2545 
Office: 402-486-2600 ext: 2443

On-Campus lodging options:

Ortner Center room rates can be found at https://ucollege.edu/ortner-center/guest-rooms.

Visit https://ucollege.edu/hotels to find lodging at a discounted rate.


Eppley Airfield, Omaha, NE – www.eppleyairfield.com
Lincoln Airport, Lincoln, NE – www.lincolnairport.com
Shuttle services – www.eppleyairfield.com/shuttles/default.htm

Omaha Airport - OMALINK shuttle service between Union College Campus and the Omaha Airport. You can learn more and make your reservation online at https://www.omalink.com/

Taxi service is available at the Lincoln Airport. In addition, many hotels/motels have courtesy phones in the lobby and most will dispatch a shuttle to the airport at no charge. See Parking & Transportation for rental car information.

Van Services
• DashAbout Shuttle:  1-800-720-3274
• Navigator Express:  1-800-888-9793
• OMALiNK:  1-402-475-5465
• Leisure Limousine and Sedan:  1-402-476-8132
• Leisure Taxi: 1-402-476-8294
• Servant Cab Co. (Formerly Happy Cab & Capital Cab):  1-402-477-4111
• Yellow Cab:  1-402-477-4111


For driving directions to the Union College campus, see www.ucollege.edu/admissions/union-info/directions-union

*More lodging options may be found at www.hotels.com or Google maps at maps.google.com, where you can search for hotels near the location of our classes.