Locations Used

Below are the locations where the MAPM instensive classes are held in each Union. Students are responsible for reserving their own accommodations. 

Students are required to take 6 credits on the Andrews University campus during their first year in the program. In addition, 12 additional credits are to be completed on campus during the remainder of their coursework.

Atlantic Union

Northern New England Conference Office/ Westbrook, Maine (Temporary Site)

White Memorial Seventh-day Adventist Church, Portland, Maine (Temporary Site)

Canadian Union

Burman University Alberta, Canada (Temporary Site)

College Heights Seventh-day Adventist church Alberta, Canada (Temporary Site)

Columbia Union

Columbia Union Conference Office/ Columbia, Maryland

Lake Union

Andrews University/ Berrien Springs, Michigan

Mid-America Union

Mid-America Union Conference Office/ Lincoln, Nebraska

Union College - Ortner Center/ Lincoln, Nebraska

Christian Records Services, Lincoln, Nebraska

North Pacific Union

North Pacific Union Office, Ridgefield, Washington (Spring Sessions)

Walla Walla University/ Walla Walla, Washington (Fall Sessions)

Montana Conference Office, Bozeman, Montana ( 2015 Fall, Temporay Site)

Pacific Union

Southeastern California Conference Office/ Riverside, California

Southern Union

Forest Lake Adventist Church, Apopka, Florida 

Southwestern Union

Southwestern Adventist University/ Keene, Texas