MA in Pastoral Ministry

Mission Statement:

The MAPM offers effective graduate education for experienced English and Spanish-speaking NAD pastors who seek a deeper walk with God, a greater knowledge in the practice of ministy and a continuing commitment to the message and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist faith.

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (MAPM) degree is a collaborative arrangement between North American Division Union Conferences and the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary to provide advanced theological education via field-based intensives. It is specifically designed for experienced pastors whose ministerial functions and employment responsibilities make it impossible to engage in an extended study program at the Seminary. The goals of our program are to deepen the understanding, reflection, and skills of the pastors in the core qualities of character, evangelism/discipleship, leadership, management, relationship, scholarship, and worship. While admission to the program is similar for all groups of applicants, the curriculum reflects emphases for English or Hispanic ministry tracks (for details, see below).

This program is offered at designated locations within each Union of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. For information about the MA in Pastoral Ministry (Hispanic Track) visit their website at

Classes are delivered twice a year at sites within nine Union territories (click on the locations tab for more information). Each teaching module usually includes two back-to-back classes thus conserving time and travel expenses. Pastors are able to complete the full 48-hour program in about four years.

Students are required to take 6 credits on the Andrews University campus during their first year in the program. “This residency requirement is offered as an approved exception to the Association of Theological Schools larger residency expectation stated in Degree Program Standard B, section B.3.1.3.”

Courses covered in the MAPM delivery mimic those included in the MDiv program. In other words all applicants will be required to accumulate certain credits in each of the Seminary's major departments. Annual progress reports (check sheets) allow pastors to track their journey through each of the following disciplines; Church Ministry (CHMN), Discipleship & Religious Education (DSRE), Church History (CHIS), Old Testament (OTST) & New Testament (NTST), Theology and Christian Philosophy (THST), and World Missions (MSSN).

Program Map (aka Academic Check Sheet)

Your progress through the MAPM program is monitored by the use of an academic check sheet. This is a virtual inventory of classes you have taken (or need to take) as you journey through the academic curriculum delivery. Note that each category has a required number of credits expected. In most cases specific classes are required, in other cases you are free to choose within the categories or departments listed.

You will note that the headings on the check sheet correspond with the academic departments of the Seminary: Old Testament (OTST),  New Testament (NTST), Theology & Christian Philosophy (THST), Christian Ministry (CHMN) and/or Discipleship & Religious Education (DSRE), Church History (CHIS), and World Missions (MSSN).

Check sheets indicate what you have done as well as have yet to do. The sheet indicates when you took a particular class, what academic credits it generated, and your grade. You can view your grades by going to iVue and choosing "View University Academic Record."

Blank check sheets are available here

The InMinistry Center staff manages and distributes check sheets upon request. Any questions or problems should be reported immediately at (269) 471-3514.