MA in Pastoral Ministry

DSRE 503 064 (1841) Marriage, Family, and Interpersonal Relationships










Professor: Peter Swanson
Date: April 2-6, 2017
Location: Southwestern Adventist University, Keene, Texas

Course Description:

The primary objectives of this course are for students to:

  1. Identify principles of interpersonal interaction exemplified in the life of Christ and make best efforts to integrate these principles into their relationships with others.
  2. Identify reasons, beliefs, and attitudes that lead them to avoid associating with certain kinds of people and make best efforts to remedy these interpersonal deficits by developing healthy relationships with individuals they might otherwise avoid, or with whom they have difficult relationships.
  3. Identify patterns of interpersonal interaction in their families of origin and make best efforts to address observed relational irregularities or dysfunctions while affirming and strengthening their healthy ways of relating to others.
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