MA in Pastoral Ministry

THST 695 043 (1817)  Sanctuary Doctrine










Professor: Jiří Moskala
Date: April 9-13, 2017
Location: Burman University, Alberta, Canada

Course Description:

This course deals with themes related to the doctrine of the Sanctuary in the context of Seventh-day Adventist theology, including study of the earthly and heavenly sanctuaries with special emphasis on the books of Leviticus, Daniel, Hebrews, and Revelation.

Class Resources:

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Course Reading Materials

Cosmic Metanarrative: Davidson
Inauguration or Day of Atonement: Davidson
Judgment as Salvation: Moskala
Philosphical Foundations: Canale
Role of Hebre Cultus: Paulien
Toward a Theology of Judgment: Moskala
Typology & Levtitical System 1: Davidson
Typology & Levitical System 2: Davidson