MA in Pastoral Ministry

NTST 567 - Theology of the New Testament (English)

Professor: Theresa Reeve
Date: February 10-14, 2019
Location: Church Fellowship Room, Oklahoma Conference Office, Oklahoma City

Course Description:

Study of selected NT topics. The subject cannot be repeated with the other 500-level course number. Does not presuppose Greek proficiency nor count toward MDiv core requirements or emphases, nor the MA major or minor in New Testament. 

The books of Luke and Acts make up almost 30% of the New Testament. Though separated by the Gospel of John in the traditional order of the New Testament canon, the two works are woven together by an artfully integrated structure of parallels and developing themes that present an awe-inspiring picture of God’s work on earth through Jesus and His ongoing work through Holy Spirit in the lives of the early believers. In this course we will explore the key themes presented in the Luke-Acts and how the theology of these two books speaks to the church today. We will also learn skills for discovering the theology of a New Testament book or section for use in preparing your sermons and teaching.

As a result of diligent participation in this course, the student will:
1. Describe the historical context and purposes of Luke and Acts;
2. Understand the themes of Luke and Acts, the concerns they address, and how they are worked out in the narrative;
3. Develop skills for exploring the theology of a New Testament book;
4. Interpret specific passages in Luke-Acts accurately by grounding interpretation in an accurate understanding of their historical context, purpose, and themes;
5. Recognize and deal with significant issues in the study of Luke-Acts;
6. Apply the teachings of Luke-Acts to their own life and ministry in ways that are faithful to God’s word in Scripture.

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