MA in Pastoral Ministry

CHMN 539 Church Growth & Equipping Pastor (CRN: 1937)








Professor: Joseph Kidder
Date: Feb 21-25, 2021
Location: Remote Delivery, via ZOOM

Course Description

An examination of church growth research, principles, and practices, with a special focus on the role of the pastor as an equipper.

The primary objectives of this class are to:

  1. Develop greater personal biblical and spiritual growth.
  2. Practice the characteristics of basic Church Growth.
  3. Create a Biblical narrative that reflects the character of Christ and exemplifies personal integrity
    and professional ethics.
  4. Define the theological, psychological, and sociological foundations for growth in the Christian
    life and how that relate to church growth and evangelism.
  5. Identifies the evangelistic factors that lead to the effective evangelizing of the young
    and the youth
  6. Identify the factors that lead to church renewal and revival.
  7. Owning and Modeling a balanced committed Christian life that is committed to the great
    commission and its application in public, group and personal witnessing.
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