Programs and Degrees

Offers professional training to mature pastors experienced in ministry.

Offers professional training to mature pastors experienced in ministry

The MA in Religion program prepares specialists in biblical studies, religion or theology for general educational purposes and for further graduate study.

Prepares both professional and lay pastor-teachers for leadership roles in settings where religious, moral and spiritual nurture and growth are primary concerns.

Is a professional program designed to equip men and women with competencies needed for an effective ministry to youth and young adults in local church and para-church settings. 

Provides basic post-graduate professional preparation for ministry with a broad exposure to all fields of theological study.

The primary purpose of advanced academic studies leading to the Doctor of Missiology (DMiss) degree is to advance theologically competent mission leadership for the global church. Although graduates may be asked to teach missions, this degree is not primarily a teaching degree but a professional one. 

A professional, post-MDiv degree for individuals qualified to pursue advanced study.

Prepares teacher-scholars in the fields of biblical and Ancient Near Eastern archaeology for colleges, universities and seminaries around the world.

Doctor of Philosophy in Religion
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Prepares teacher-scholars in the fields of New Testament Studies, Old Testament Studies, Theological Studies, Adventist Studies, and Mission and Ministry Studies for colleges and seminaries operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church around the world.

Prepares men and women to be scholars, teachers and researchers in specialized teaching and discipling ministries of the Church.

Trains teacher-scholars in the fields of bibical studies and theology for service in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.