Exam Policy

If your course requires you to take an examination or in case you need to schedule a midterm or final exam please follow this procedure:


  • Proctor must be arranged by student
  • Proctor must meet one of the following criteria:
  • Local SDA minister
  • Leader in local SDA church or conference or union
  • Can NOT be a personal friend or relative
  • Someone petitioned by student and approved by professor
  • Proctor must be willing to make arrangements with professor’s secretary  for the taking of exams.
  • Proctor must administer exam per specific course’s requirements.
  • Proctor is responsible for sending completed exam to professor’s secretary per instructions.



Student will find a proctor, and provide professor's secretary with his/her full name, profession, mailing address, telephone number and an e-mail address.

  1. Proctor will contact professor’s secretary via e-mail on behalf of the student.
  2. Proctor will inform the professor’s secretary of student’s name, course, and exam requested. Proctor will also provide instructions on how to send examination (email or FAX).
  3. Professor or secretary will mail or e-mail or FAX the examination and instructions to the proctor.
  4. Proctor will administer the examination according to attached instructions.
  5. Upon completion of examination, the student will give the exam to the Proctor.
  6. Proctor will return examination to professor’s secretary as per instructions.
  7. Student will be notified of grade via e-mail or website from professor.

You are also welcome to contact us with your requests for an examination or in case you have any questions.