Seminary Office of Online Learning
Seminary Distance Fee - Tuition for 2014-2015
(Fall 2014 - Summer 2015)

Degree Per-Credit 2-Credit


MA (all seminary MA degrees) except below
(May apply for program discount on regular discount form)

$993 $1986 $2979

MAPMin InMinistry distance fee
(Off-campus denominational employees)

$496.50 $993 $1489.50

MDiv distance fee
(Overload or without registration fee)

$496.50 $993 $1489.50

MDiv distance fee
(Student may submit SOLC MDiv Rebate Form to request lowering to these fees if the credit are part of their semester load (already paid MDiv Fee))

  $250 $300

Permission to Take Classes
(Must be academically qualified)

$993 $1986 $2979
Based on MA Tuition of: $993    

Any question please contact our Office.