Why We Are Here

Children are active learners. Therefore, our program provides developmentally appropriate activities to develop Pre-Reading skills and concepts , Pre-Math and Science exploration, Positive Socialization and Emotional Skills, Physical Development, Social Studies, Stories (for appreciation of books and reading fun), Songs, Pre-Writing, Dramatic Play, Creative Art and Language Development. The teachers read to children often and invite them to respond to and interpret the story. They sing songs, read poems, and play rhyming games in which sound associations are addressed. They give children materials to sort, sequence, count, combine, or divide and make estimations about. The teachers give children many ways to express themselves both orally and in writing (scribbling, drawing).

Our Purpose

It is our purpose to provide a warm and caring environment for the children to grow in. Your child will be challenged to build cognitive skills such as in math, language arts, and science. Self-esteem and personal relationships are emphasized as children meet peers and adults. The spiritual nurturing of your child is a privilege we take seriously.

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