The Counseling and Testing Center offers a part-time, 6-month Internship (600 total hours-240 direct client contact) for Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) MA students. This opportunity is based on a general approach to the practice of counseling that is informed by the graduate program. The program is designed to train interns in the core competencies expected of a counselor working in the context of a university counseling center.

Students in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Andrews University participate in internship placements at the University Counseling Center as part of their graduate training. These students are supervised by Licensed Psychologists on the senior staff at the CTC. Please refer to the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program handbook for more details regarding program requirements.

Please note, if you are currently being seen by a counselor at the CTC, or have a family member who is being seen, you will not be eligible for placement. Please contact the program internship placement coordinator for a list if internship sites.

The application form is under the "forms" section of the CTC website.

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