Serenity Place Wellness

Serenity Place / Andreasen Center for Wellness


Welcome to the Lei Serenity Place at Andrews University.

Services offered at the Lei Serentiy Place/Andreasen Center for Wellness include the following:  (All services are by appointment only and with a mental health professesional)

1. Brief Stress Management Sessions (30 minute sessions on stress management/Stress reduction strategies including biofeedback) no charge

2. Brief Psychoeducational Consults (30 minute brief solution focused Informational consults on mental health topics, including relationship or parenting issues, academic questions, referral inquires, community resource questions, etc) no charge

3. Brief Clinical Consults (30 minute brief confidential consults to address specific mental or emotional concerns. These are one time brief sessions with the potential for referrals to campus or community resources. no charge

4. Guided Relaxation Tours. These are 30 minutes sessions, aimed at providing you with a relaxation experience. Choose your area of focus for each session:

          [  ]  Chair massage, laser night & relaxation music

          [  ]  Aromatherapy, guided imagery & relaxation music

          [  ]  Light therapy, art therapy & relaxing sounds

          [  ]  Art therapy, lighted relaxation Bubble, & aromatherapy

          Guided Relaxation Tour Only.

          Members:  $15.00

          AU Faculty/Staff:  $10.00 discounted rate

          AU Student:   $5.00 discounted rate

To schedule an appointment for any of the services above click below: 

to cancel appointments please give 24hr notice, please call 269-471-3470 

5. Counseling sessions - Offered only to students of Andrews University and their spouses. Couseling session appointments must be made in person at the Counseling Center in Bell Hall