Student Stories

Every day, alumni and friends generously support Andrews University. These gifts enrich the lives of students through scholarships, state-of-the-art classroom experiences, top-notch professors, academic research opportunities, to name a few. Past, present, and future students are, and will be continually blessed by your generosity. Below, a few students share their own unique Andrews Experience, and how you can make a difference in the lives of students like them.

Shekinah's Story

Shekinah shares how research and scholarship opportunities have impacted her life. You too can help students like Shekinah experience research first-hand, giving them a financial and professional boost to their education. Make a difference today with the Andrews University Biology Department to provide additional funding for student research in Biology through the Beatrice Stout Endowed Scholarship Fund.


Sofia's VLOG

Sofia is conducting research under Dr. Desmond Murray and explains her process and roadblocks. Your financial suport helps chemistry and biochemistry students conduct and complete their research through a gift to the Department of Chemistry.



The NeoStick prototype project (a motorized castor board) was envisioned and completed by Engineering & Computer Science students Kumar Balasingam and William Mzumara. Your gift to the Engineering & Computer Science Department  makes it possible for senior students to obtain supplies to complete their projects. The following is a promotional video filmed and edited by Kumar and William.