Frequently Asked Questions

We have created this page to help you find the answers to some of the most common questions we receive in the Benefits Area of the Department of Human Resources. We hope that you'll find these helpful!


Medical Plan


Q: What does "in-network" mean?

  A: An in-network provider is a physician, facility, or other provider that has agreed to supply covered services to their members. When a Covered Person uses an in-network provider, that Covered Person will receive a higher payment from the Plan than when an out-of-network provider is used.

Q: What does "out-of-network" mean?

  A: An out-of-network provider is a physician, facility, or other provider that has not contracted with the selected medical plan. Covered Persons are responsible for charges over the fee schedule amount when an out-of-network provider is used.

Q: How do I locate an in-network provider?

  A1: A listing of the in-network/preferred providers is available through your Plan Administrator - PhysiciansCare (ASR Corporation). Call 1-800-968-3033 and ask for the listing.
A2: Use the Provider Directory online at or and for nationwide access.

Q: What if I have received a bill from a provider and I think it should be paid?

  A: First, call PhysiciansCare (ASR Corporation) directly at 1.800.968.2449. If after you have spoken to PhysiciansCare you are still concerned and have questions, please call the Benefits Office and they will research your case further. Please be aware that there is no quick fix to insurance problems, but most things can be adjusted or solved, so your patience is appreciated.

Q: What if I have a question about my health benefits?

  On the back of your ASR insurance card is their contact info. A: Call PhysiciansCare (ASR) directly at 1.800.968.2449. B: Go online (see back of card).

Q: What if I am concerned about a letter I received from PhysiciansCare (ASR)?

  A: Call PhysiciansCare (ASR) directly at 1.800.968.3033.



Q: How will I get reimbursement for my lenses or glasses?


A:  1.  Make a copy of each receipt and statement and staple together. Keep a copy of everything you send to PhysiciansCare (ASR Corporation).
2.  Complete a reimbursement claim form.
3.  Send all claims to:
P.O. Box 6392
Grand Rapids, MI 49516-6392
4.  Contact PhysiciansCare (ASR Corporation) and check on your reimbursement if you receive no response from them after 10 business days. The phone number is 1.800.968.3033.



Q: What if I need to change my benefit plan?

  A: Benefit plans can only be changed at two times: (1) a life event, or (2) during the annual open enrollment period.

Q: What is a qualifying or "life" event?

  A: A qualifying event is a significant change in your personal or family status. Examples of such events are marriage, divorce, birth of a child, graduation of a child, etc.

Q: Who can I contact to ask further questions?

  A: Email us at our department email address:, review the benefits information on our website or at, or call us at extension 3886.

Q: How do I get an insurance ID card? How do I replace a lost insurance ID card?

  A: Contact the benefits office