Benefits Summaries

Below is a table of the benefit summaries by employee class. These summaries provide an overview of the many and varied benefits available to AU employees. AU strives to provide a competitive benefits package and a rewarding work environment. The total benefits and compensation received by AU employees ranks favorably with many other large employers. Click on your benefit category/summary to browse and/or print.


Employee Class Employee Class Description Hours per Week or Employee Percentage Benefit Category/Summary
TF/TP Temporary Full-time/Part-time    Non-benefit Eligible
HU Hourly Under Half-Time < 20 Hours/week; < 1040 Hours/year

Non-benefit Eligible 

Hourly Under Half-Time

HH Hourly Half-Time 20-29 Hours/week; 1040 Hours/year Hourly Half-Time
HP Hourly Part-Time 30-34 Hours/week; 1560 Hours/year Part-Time
HF Hourly Full-Time 35-40 Hours/week; 1820 Hours/year Full-Time
SC Salaried Contract; Temporary Employment  < 50% Non-benefit Eligible
SP Salaried Part-Time 50%-74% Part-Time
SF Salaried Full-Time 75%-100% Full-Time
SA Salaried Administrative Full-Time 75%-100% Full-Time
AP Administrative Part-Time 50%-74% Part-Time
AF Administrative Full-Time 75%-100% Full-Time
FC Faculty Contract; Temporary Employment  < 50% Non-benefit Eligible
FP Faculty Part-Time 50%-74% Part-Time
FT FT Faculty (AA/RMES) 88%-92% Full-Time
FF Faculty Full-Time 75-100% Full-Time
FA Faculty Administrative Full-Time 75-100% Full-Time