Your Benefits: Other Personal Benefits


The University will provide a full-time, regular employee (benefit category FT) who adopts a child with up to 75 percent assistance of the medical and legal expenses associated with the adoption. The maximum expenses on which assistance is granted is the equivalent of up to three times the current monthly remuneration factor. Please see Human Resources for details of this benefit. This is in lieu of any other assistance associated with the adoption.


This plan will provide a benefit which will be paid to your survivor(s), beneficiary or estate in the event of your death, providing you have been a full-time regular employee. This benefit will be paid to the survivors of your spouse or dependent should he/she also die.

This benefit is also available during the first year you receive retirement benefits provided you go directly into the retirement plan from active denominational service.

The purpose of this benefit is to provide for financial assistance in meeting a share of the expenses of the final illness and funeral, as well as the temporary needs of the survivors. The benefit will be paid to the survivor(s) by the General Conference upon proper certification by the University. The benefits under the plan are as follows:

  1. To the surviving spouse/dependent of the employee or to the employee whose spouse is deceased:

    Age under 30 27500.00
    Age 30 - 34 25000.00
    Age 35 - 39 22500.00
    Age 40 - 44 20000.00
    Age 45 - 49 17500.00
    Age 50 - 54 15000.00
    Age 55 - 59 12500.00
    Age 60 - 64 10000.00
    Age over 64 7500.00
  2. To the named beneficiary or estate of the employee without surviving spouse/dependent:

    Flat Amount $7,500.00
  3. To the employee whose dependent has deceased:

    Stillborn $750.00
    Others $5,000.00

This benefit is fully paid for by the University and all eligible employees are covered.

Employees who discontinue employment as a result of illness or injury but who do not have enough years of denominational service to qualify for retirement benefits, and who are not otherwise employed, shall be eligible for the benefit for a period of six months after they go off the payroll. Spouses of such employees, as well as their eligible dependents, are also covered under this plan during the six-month period.

If more than one family member is denominationally employed, only one benefit per death will be paid.

Additional amounts may be purchased on a voluntary basis for a small charge and will become effective when approved by Adventist Risk Management Services at the General Conference. You may apply for these additional benefits in HR.


An optional personal accident insurance plan is available to full-time employees. Coverage under this insurance program may include the employee and his/her family. The premium is deducted from the paycheck monthly. If you wish to take advantage of this program, a descriptive brochure is available from Human Resources.


Cafeteria Meals

With your faculty/staff ID card you are entitled to a 25% discount on cafeteria meals. If you have arranged for charge privileges, you may use your ID card to charge at the cafeteria and the amount will be automatically deducted from your paycheck. There is no discount at the Gazebo snack shop.

You may arrange with the food service secretary for special rooms and facilities.


Parking decals for staff vehicles must be obtained from the Office of Campus Safety located at the end of Garland Avenue. There is no charge for the decal.


The University will issue a courtesy purchase order to an employee for selected items that we have available provided this is not abused by indiscriminate use. Please check with the purchasing office to see what types of goods are available and procedures to follow. Any purchase made for personal use is subject to the appropriate tax, which will be added to that purchase.

All paper work for any purchase should be presented to the purchasing office for processing. Purchases made under this plan are to be paid in full when the paper work is submitted.


When you are asked to travel on University business, you may request an advance from the Treasurer's Office against your personal expense account. The expense report, which is submitted to that office upon your return, should offset the advance.


The University has very limited housing available for its employees. You may obtain information about the available housing through the office of University Housing.

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