Volume 6 No 2 (Fall 2012)

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  • Learning to live as we pray. JACL, 6(2), 4-7. Read article.
Short Article
  • Colon, G. (2012). Incarnational community-based ministry: A leadership model for community transformation. JACL, 6(2), 10-17. Read article.
Leadership Interview
  • Von Stiegel, H. (2012). Responding to social needs using an investment approach. JACL, 6(2), 20-32. Read article.
Feature Articles
  • Schaaf, A. (2012).  Journey through trauma. JACL, 6(2), 34-55. Read article.
  • Fraser, J., Danihelova, L. (2012). Family leadership: Legacies from the abrahamic family. JACL, 6(2), 56-68. Read article.
  • Murdoch, M. (2012). Environmental literacy of seventh-day adventist teachers in the parochial schools of the florida conference of seventh-day adventists. JACL, 6(2), 69-87. Read article.
  • Cha, Y. (2012). Theological and ethical implications of creation care. JACL, 6(2), 88-106. Read article.
Leadership Lived
  • Kennedy, C., Emerson, R. (2012). Building schools for girls in afghanistan: A debt of gratitude. JACL, 6(2), 108-119. Read article.
  • Johnson, T. (2012). Who is my neighbor?. JACL, 6(2), 122-130. Read article.
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