Guidelines for Book Reviewers

JACL is interested in reviews of books that are of interest to Christian leaders serving a variety of organizations and in various cultural contexts. It you have a book in mind that you are currently reading and would like to review send us a note to check if JACL might be interested in publishing your review.

In general we are interested in four types of reviews:

  1. Book notes that capture the essence of the main idea of a book and translate it into a convincing case why Christian leaders need to pay attention to that idea. Length: 50-150 words.
  2. Full book reviews following the typical practice of good academic journals evaluating the book carefully and indicating its usefullness for Christian leaders. Length: 300-450 words. Book review guidelines are available.
  3. Essays based on one or more books which reflect on the idea pursued by the author(s) in relation to Christian leadership practice. Length: about 1200 words.
  4. Literature reviews on a topic of concern to Christian leaders which may be based on academic research such as the literature review of a dissertation, but which has been adapted to speak to practicing Christian leaders which may not be familiar with research or specialty jargon. Length: up to 3000-5000 words.

Keep in mind that you are communicating with readers from over 100 countries in any imaginable work setting. Christian leadership is as complex as life.

We typically do not send out free books unless we receive review copies from the publisher. To check which books are available for review click here.