A Note to Potential Authors

Research-based, But Practitioner-focused Writing

Research-based writing can be intimidating to the practitioner not used to the technical language of statistics and leadership theory. Since Christian leaders serve in many different fields and disciplines and represent various kinds of organizations it is important that writers make sure their writing style communicates not only narrowly to fellow researchers, but also broadly to practitioners. Therefore, the Journal of Applied Christian Leadership (JACL) not only seeks articles that are based on rigorous research but attempt to translate the results of that research into the world of practicing Christian leaders. To view the Guidelines for Authors, click here.

Honoring Cultural Diversity

Good leadership writing honors not only the tension between the "what" and the "so what," but also recognizes that Christian leadership is practiced in many different settings and cultural contexts. Therefore the Journal welcomes articles that deal with the "real" issues as you see them, but invite readers into an openminded dialogue. This dialogue will be sensitive to cultural differences, but also grounded in a deep faithfulness to the Word of God.

The Journal's Mission

The JACL is a semiannual refereed publication of the Christian Leadership Center at Andrews University. The JACL welcomes the submission of manuscripts, book reviews, and reflection papers having to do with the interplay of faith and leadership practice in the light of the study of leadership. Particular emphasis is given to making research findings accessible to Christian leadership practitioners and showing how these results might apply in everyday settings.

Please review the Guidelines for Authors of major manuscripts. If you seek to submit a book review please review the Instructions for Book Reviews. Your ideas are welcome. The opinions expressed in published manuscripts are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the editors or publishers of the JACL. Note: Please submit original material currently not under consideration by another journal.

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