How to Prepare for Nursing School

A career in nursing is both rewarding and versatile. Nurses work in hospitals, clinics, homes, schools, and long term care facilities. Nursing is one of the most employable professions. Nursing is a great way to minister to the needs of others in a personal way. Nursing is not just a profession but a noble ministry. "The Lord wants wise men and women, acting in the capacity of nurses, to comfort and help the sick and suffering. Oh, that all who are afflicted could be ministered to by Christlike physicians and nurses who could help them to place their weary, pain-racked bodies in the care of the Great Healer, in faith looking to Him for restroation!"(Medical Ministry, 197). Thinking of a career in nursing? Here are some tips to help you succeed in this path. 

1. Choose the academic track. If your schools offers college prep or vocational tracks, choose the college prep/academic track. If a Health education emphasis is offered then do this one. A strong foundation in math and sciences will help you succeed in nursing school later. 

2. Consider becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). You can obtain this certification in the summer if you have spare time. Being a licensed CNA can provide and introduction and insight into the world of healthcare. 

3. Take a first aid and/or CPR class. Many of these classes are offered int he community. 

4. Volunteer. Many hospitals offer volunteer programs for high school students during the summer. You can also volunteer with various health outreach programs offered by your community or church. These experiences look good on your college application as well as offer exposure and enrichment to your career path. 

5. Talk to a nurse. Arrange to job shadow a nurse in your particular field of interest. If this is not possible, consider interviewing the nurse and asking for a tour of the area. This is a great way to see nurses at work first hand. 

Visit the Department of Nursing website to learn about programs of study and who to contact for more information.