Transportation Services

With a fleet of over 70 vans, buses, trucks and heavy equipment the Andrews University Transportation office coordinates vehicle reservations, educational trips and campus maintenance for all university departments.  In addition, we provide transport to and from the South Bend International Airport, train stations, medical facilities and bus stations for university faculty, enrolled students and invited guests.  Online forms are available to streamline reservations for all trips. (See Helpful Hints box below.)

AU Transportation Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm
Friday -  9 am to 11:30 am
The office  is currently closed to walk-in traffic due to COVID-19 regulations.  However, we are available via telephone (269) 471-6492 or email (
**Our office is closed from Friday at noon through Monday at 9:00 am.  Therefore we do not process newly sent transportation requests, which are emailed during this same time period, until we are back in the office on Monday morning. 

Covid - 19 Notices:

At this time, all international travel has been canceled until further notice, and all tours have been canceled for the 2021–2022 fiscal year. Any domestic travel, including travel with students, outside of a 60-mile radius of our campus requires prior approval in writing via email from your vice president or dean. Any unauthorized travel will not be reimbursed by Financial Records.  Please provide proof for approved trips when submitting your travel request.  This can be done by noting the names of those who approved the trip in your email to Transportation.
You can review the current travel policy guidelines here.    Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy

Vehicle Capacity:

Current Andrews University and/or State of Michigan Covid-19 policies limit vehicle capacity to 25% per vehicle. 
Mini Van (7 passenger) - driver plus 1 passenger
Large Van (12 passenger) - driver plus 2 passengers
Mini Bus (15 passenger) - driver plus 3 passengers
School Bus (58 passenger) - driver plus 14 passengers
Tour buses - (52 & 56 passenger) - driver plus 13 passengers/14 passengers
All passengers and drivers are required to wear masks during the entire trip.
All vehicles are sanitized before and after each trip

Student Storage Requests:

The AU Transportation Department is now offering transportation to and from area storage locations.  These services provide travel for 1-3 students and 1 hour of driver and vehicle usage.  
Student Storage Requests must be received in the transportation office at least 2 days before the requested move date.  Requests for Sunday must be received in the office before 10:00 am on Friday. 
Class Field Trips
Transport for class field trips are arranged by submitting a Bus Reservation Form
Cost for class field trips should be worked out before the syllabus is completed and before the class begins. Changes can then be made collaboratively as we coordinate the diverse array of requests and needs on the Andrews campus.
Drivers for Class Field trips and/or commercial vehicles are provided by AU Transportation and need to be factored into the cost of the trip.
All students and non-participating faculty/staff going on a Day Trip must fill out the Hold Harmless Agreement, which your department will need to keep on file for three years.
All program overnight trips require approval from the Andrews Risk Management office and the submission of an Overnight Approval Form.  Approval is secured by contacting Loretta Nave, Executive Assistant in the office of the V.P. for Finance.  Her email is and the telephone number is 269-471-3484.

Individual Transportation Reservations

Departure (transportation from Andrews) and Arrivals (transportation to Andrews) are provided for enrolled students, current faculty and staff and guests of Andrews University by submitting the appropriate Arrival or Departure Form. 
Trips are arranged from the following locations:
South Shore Train (South Bend Airport)
South Bend Greyhound Station
South Bend locations carry a one-way charge of $35.00 per person.
Benton Harbor Bus (Greyhound, Indian Trails)
Niles Amtrak
Niles and Benton Harbor locations carry a one-way charge of $30.00 per person.
*The Andrews Transportation office does not schedule travel to or from Chicago.  However, enrolled students, current faculty and staff may make a personal request with the understanding that the following will be billed: Vehicle rental, driver time, fuel, tolls and mileage.  The average cost is $350+ per person. 

Vehicle Requests

Vehicles Request reservations are available to university departments for Andrews University use only. 
All vehicle requests require the driver to submit the following before they secure the rental:
1. Copy of their current driver's license. 
2. Current Driving Record.  Current driving records may be provided by the Secretary of State or by the AU Transportation office.  Driving records processed by the AU department are available from most states and some Canadian territories.  Cost for processing varies depending on the state.  A Michigan driving record costs $22.00 and is good for one year.
3. AU Driver Quiz - must be taken before a Vehicle Request can be approved.
** Some equipment or vehicle rentals may require a driving test or other proof of competency.  Please call the Transportation office if you need to be cleared to drive a vehicle or equipment that requires additional clearance at least a week before securing the rental. 

Student Medical Requests

Enrolled Andrews students can schedule transporation to medical appointments for the following locations. 
Student Medical Request should be made at least 2 hours before the appointment time. 
St Joseph, MI - $30.00 per person, one way
Benton Harbor, MI - $30.00 per person, one way
Bridgeman, MI - $30.00 per person, one way
Niles, MI - $30.00 per person, one way
Berrien Springs, MI - $10.00 per person one way
Other (Cost determined by location)

AU Transportation will take students to their requested medical appointment location and drop them off.  If the wait time for the student's appointment is 15 minutes or less, the AU driver will wait for the students and a total charge of $30/$10 dollars will be charged.  If the wait time is more than 15 minutes, the AU driver will return to campus and a return trip  must be arranged/scheduled if needed.  The return trip requires an additional charge of $30/$10.    

Thank you for using our services.  We look forward to serving your needs. 

University Transportation Policies

Some additional AU Transportation polices are noted on the individual forms.  Please take time to notice them when completing the forms.

  1. To allow Transportation employees to observe Sabbath, personal transport services will not operate each week from one hour before sundown Friday through one hour after sundown Saturday. 
  2. All reservation forms submitted outside of business hours (Monday - Thursday) will not be acknowledged until the next business day. 
  3. Requests sent to the department from noon on Friday - Monday, 9:00 am will be processed when the office opens on Monday morning.
  4. All fees must be paid in cash or charged to a current University account at the time of the service.
  5. All reservations submitted less than two full business days (not including Fridays) before your travel date, will incur the late reservation fee of $25.
  6. All overnight trips require approval from the Andrews Risk Management and the submission of an Overnight Approval Form.  Approval is secured by contacting Loretta Nave, Executive Assistant in the office of the V.P. for Finance. 
  7. Once your request is successfully submitted to the AU Transportation office, you will receive an acknowledgement of your request via email from the AU Transportation office.
Helpful tip:

It is helpful to save the PDF forms to your computer/personal files before filling it out and saving the form again after filling it out.   This assures that the information has been saved on the form and to your computer/personal file.