Office of Transportation

Need a ride? We provide transportation support from South Bend, Indiana, and Niles, St. Joseph and south Michigan locations. 

Transport information to/from O'Hare International is provided in the Transportation Services section below. 

Individual Transportation Reservations

Transportation requests are provided for enrolled Andrews students, current faculty or staff and guests of Andrews University by submitting the appropriate Arrival or Departure Form. We recommend that all transportation to the Andrews campus be scheduled with a final destination of the South Bend International Airport (SBN). We are not able to process Arrival/Departure travel requests from other airports (Detroit, Michigan or Chicago, Illinois) due to distance and expense.
Please review individual request forms for costs and additional information.

Airport, Bus & Train Pickup

Airline, bus or train transportation from the following locations can be scheduled with the Andrews Transporation office by completing the appropriate form. We will confirm your request via email.
All locations carry a $45 one way charge.
Detailed information for the transportation services listed below can be secured by clicking on the transportation service you are interested in using.

Shuttle to/from O'Hare International Airport:  Click here

(This shuttle service is made possible by the Office of Student Involvement, Leadership, and Activities (SILA).  Please direct all inquiries to

Please note the first shuttle service to/from O'Hare International Airport for the 2024/2025 school year will be for Thanksgiving Break.  Details and the link to sign up for the Thanksgiving Break shuttle will be forthcoming.

How do I get from a Chicago airport to South Bend, Indiana?   

Click on the options below for travel tips from Chicago, Illinois to the South Bend, Indiana International Airport. Cost and detailed information is subject to change. Please secure information from the direct websites provided.

Non-Emergency Student Transportation

Transportaton is provided for enrolled Andrews students to doctor's appointments, Social Security meetings and non-emergency medical needs.  We do not provide transport for personal shopping.  Locations and costs are noted on the form. We ask that all requests be submitted two days before travel is required.
The Transportation office reserves the right to deny transport based on the medical needs or individual situation as our drivers are not trained in emergency or non-emergency care.


Vehicle Rentals

Vehicle Request reservations are available to Andrews University departments for Andrews University use only. We do not rent vehicles for private or non-University useAll vehicle requests require the designated driver to be approved before driving any vehicle in our fleet. Click here for vehicle approval requirements.

We provide the following vehicle types for department use. Vehicles can be rented for part of a day, a full day (8 hours), daily (24 hours) or by the week. See individual request forms for additional information and/or email the Transportation office for a quote.

Vehicle Request Form 

  • Mini Van (7-passenger, includes driver)
  • Large Van (12-passenger, includes driver)
  • Minibus (15-passenger, includes driver)
  • Pickup Truck
  • Trailer: 4x6, 6x10, 7x14, 7x16, car trailer (detailed trailer info: Click here)

University Class Field Trips

When planning a Class Field Trip that offers course credit, the trip must first be approved by the Andrews Office of Risk Management.  Approval is secured by contacting their office at  Click here for the Andrews University Travel Policy.
Class Field Trip Requirements:
  • Drivers for Class Field Trips and/or commercial vehicles are provided by Andrews University Transportation and need to be factored into the cost of the trip.
  • All students, non-participating faculty/staff or any non-employee going on a Day Trip must obtain Risk Management approval and fill out Hold Harmless Agreements, which must be submitted to Risk Management at least 3 working days prior to departure.
  • All program overnight trips require approval from your dean and administration.

School or Tour Bus Request - email or call the Transportation office for a quote.

Please complete all questions on the form and attach a copy of your trip itinerary (if required).  Quotes will be provided via email once all the necessary information is submitted.

Transportation Vehicle Capacity

Current Andrews University and/or State of Michigan COVID-19 policies allow 100 percent vehicle capacity.

    Mini Van (7-passenger)—includes driver
    Large Van (12-passenger)—includes driver
    Mini Bus (15-passenger)—includes driver
    School Bus (58-adult passenger)
    Tour Buses (52- and 56-passenger)

Telephone 269-471-3519

Transportation Policies

  • To allow Transportation employees to observe Sabbath, personal transport services will not operate during the Sabbath hours.
  • Personal transport services will not operate on the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays.
  • All reservation forms submitted outside of business hours (Monday–Thursday) will not be acknowledged until the next business day.
  • Requests sent to the department from noon on Friday to Monday at 9 a.m. will be processed when the office opens on Monday at 9 a.m.
  • All fees are charged to a current AU ID or department IDC at the time of the service.
  • All reservations submitted less than two full business days before your travel date will incur the reservation fee of $25 or $100 for tour/school bus reservations.

Transportation Office Hours

Monday - Thursday:
9 am - 12 pm
1 pm - 5 pm
9 - 11:30 am



Consider Andrews University Transportation when planning for future academic tours, vacations and travel plans. 

It is never too early to ask for costs, assistance or instructions on how to start planning for your transportation needs. Simply complete the appropriate request form or contact the Office of Transportation for assistance: We are happy to help.
For Fall/Spring or future semester dates, click here for the current Andrews University Academic Calendar.