Office of Transportation

Need a ride? We provide transportation support from South Bend, Indiana, and Niles, Michigan locations. 

End of Semester Transportation to Chicago O'Hare - see Transportation Services below!

Individual Transportation Reservations

Transportation Requests are provided for enrolled Andrews students, current faculty and staff and guests of Andrews University by submitting the appropriate Arrival or Departure Form. We recommend that all transportation to the Andrews campus be scheduled with a final destination of the South Bend International Airport (SBN). We are not able to process Arrival/Departure travel requests from other airports (Detroit, Michigan or Chicago, Illinois) due to distance and expense.
Please review individual request forms for costs and additional information.

End of Spring Semester 2022 Transportation to O'Hare International Airport

Deadline for registration is April 15, 2022 or when all seats have been filled. 
Thursday, April 28, 2022 - Leaving Andrews University at 6:00 PM (EST)
Arriving at Chicago O'Hare International Airport at 7:00 PM (CST)
Friday, April 29, 2022 - Leaving Andrews University at 5:00 AM (EST)
Arriving at Chicago O'Hare International Airport at 6:00 AM (CST)
Questions regarding O'Hare trip should be directed to Joshua Pak at

Airport, Bus & Train Pickup

Airline, bus or train transportation from the following locations can be scheduled with the Andrews Transporation office by completing the appropriate form. We will confirm your request via email.
Detailed information for the transportation services listed below can be secured by clicking on the transportation service you are interested in using.
South Bend locations carry a one-way charge of $35 per person.

Niles and Benton Harbor, Michigan locations carry a one-way charge of $30 per person.

How do I get from a Chicago airport to South Bend, Indiana?   

Click on the options below for travel tips from Chicago, Illinois to the South Bend, Indiana International Airport. Cost and detailed information is subject to change. Please secure information from the direct websites provided.

Non-Emergency Student Medical Runs

Only provided for enrolled Andrews students. Locations and costs are noted on the form. We ask that all requests be submitted two days before travel is required. 


Vehicle Rentals

Vehicle Request reservations are available to Andrews University departments for Andrews University-use only. We do not rent vehicles for private or non-University use. All vehicle requests require the designated driver to be approved before driving any vehicle in our fleet.  Click here for vehicle approval requirements.

We provide the following vehicle types for department use. Vehicles can be rented for part of a day, a full day (8 hours), daily (24 hours) or by the week. See individual request forms for additional information.

Vehicle Request

  • Mini Van (7-passenger, including driver)
  • Large Van (12-passenger, including driver)
  • Minibus (15-passenger, including driver)
  • Pickup Truck
  • Trailer: 4x6, 6x10, 7x14, 7x16, car trailer (detailed trailer info: Click Here)

University Class Field Trips

When planning a Class Field Trip that offers course credit, the trip must first be approved by the Andrews Office of Risk Management.  Approval is secured by contacting the office at Approval should be secured before requesting a quote from the Transportation office. Click Here for the Andrews University Travel Policy.
Class Field Trip Requirements:
  • Drivers for Class Field trips and/or commercial vehicles are provided by Andrews University Transportation and need to be factored into the cost of the trip.
  • All students and non-participating faculty/staff going on a Day Trip must fill out the Hold Harmless Agreement, which your department will need to keep on file for three years.
  • All program overnight trips require approval from your dean and administration.
  • Please review current AU Covid-19 policies when planning any Andrews University trips. 

School or Tour Bus Request

Please complete all questions on the form and attach a copy of your trip itinerary (if required) and proof of trip approval. Quotes will be provided via email once all the necessary information is submitted.

Transportation Vehicle Capacity

Current Andrews University and/or State of Michigan COVID-19 policies allow 100 percent vehicle capacity with masks.

    Mini Van (7-passenger)—includes driver
    Large Van (12-passenger)—includes driver
    Mini Bus (15-passenger)—includes driver
    School Bus (58-passenger)—includes driver
    Tour Buses (52- and 56-passenger)—includes driver

All passengers and drivers are required to wear masks (over the nose and mouth) during the entire trip.
All vehicles are sanitized before each trip.

Telephone 269-471-6492

Transportation Policies

  • To allow Transportation employees to observe Sabbath, personal transport services will not operate each week from one hour before sundown Friday through Sunday at 8 a.m.
  • All reservation forms submitted outside of business hours (Monday–Thursday) will not be acknowledged until the next business day.
  • Requests sent to the department from noon on Friday to Monday at 9 a.m. will be processed when the office opens on Monday at 9 a.m.
  • All fees are charged to a current AU ID at the time of the service.
  • All reservations submitted less than two full business days before your travel date will incur the late reservation fee of $25.  Requests for Sunday or Monday must be submitted on Thursday before 5:00 p.m. 

Transportation Office Hours

Monday–Thursday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Friday, 9–11:30 a.m.

COVID 19 - Testing

The AU Transportation office will provide tranportation to testing sites in Niles and St. Joseph area pharmacies and clinics.  We do not provide transportation to South Bend pharmacies and clinics.  Transportation request can be arranged by completing the Student Medical Request at least 24 hours before the schedule appointment time.   Testing sites can be found by clicking on the link below.

As there is still a significant level of infection, hospitalization and community spread of COVID-19 in Berrien County, where our main campus is located, our masking guidelines indoors will remain in place through at January 31, 2022.
As a reminder, for those who have not been vaccinated, a monthly negative COVID-19 test is required for involvement in on-campus, in-person activities before the end of each month. The University will also randomly screen for COVID-19 test results to confirm compliance with this guideline.You can find information on local COVID-19 testing options here.


Andrews University Travel Advisory

The highest priority of the Andrews University administration is to help ensure and protect the health and safety of students and employees.
During this COVID-19 pandemic, this priority continues to come into sharp focus. As a result, we will continue to create COVID-19 protocols that are informed by the ongoing and changing guidelines from the CDC and state and local public health departments.
Given that context, vaccinated and acquired immunity students and employees are permitted to participate in University-sponsored travel. For example, such persons may engage in approved academic-related travel, such as field trips, class trips, and study tours. They are expected to follow established COVID-19 protocols, such as wearing masks.
Unvaccinated employees shall not engage in University-sponsored travel. Day travel by unvaccinated employees for essential work may be approved in exceptional cases through the relevant administrative office.

Unvaccinated students shall not participate in any academic-related overnight field trips or study tours. However, students who are unvaccinated may participate in approved academic day trips such as field trips or class trips if the trips are for the complete and current class in which the students are enrolled.

Andrews University continues to respect and support the decision of students and employees to not take the vaccine because of medical reasons or their religious convictions. Students and University employees may email the Office of the Provost at to request exemption from taking the vaccine, if necessary.

However, please note that an exemption from taking the vaccine does not mean that permission is granted to travel.

Revised: Oct. 6, 2021
For more Andrews University COVID-19 info, please click here
Updates on COVID-19 travel policy and procedures will be updated as Andrews University administration provides additional information. 
Check back frequently for updates or changes to capacity or travel requirements/restrictions. 


Future Planning Options

Consider Andrews University Transportation when planning for future academic tours, vacations and travel plans. 

It is never too early to ask for costs, assistance or instructions on how to start planning for your transportation needs. Simply complete the appropriate request form or contact the Office of Transportation for assistance: We are happy to help. 

2022 Spring Semester Dates  

For additional fall semester dates, click here for the current Andrews University Academic Calendar. 
January 2022
1/10/2022 Spring Semester Begins
1/17/2022 Holiday: Martin Luther King Day: MLK educational events replace classes
1/24-28/2022 University Week of Prayer
February 2022
2/17-19/2022 Worship, Word & Music Conference
2/21/2022 Holiday: President’s Day - No classes
March 2022
3/2/2022 Mid-Semester
3/18-27/2022 Spring Semester Break
April 2022
4/28/2022 Last day of Spring Semester classes
May 2022
5/2-5/2022 Spring Semester Final Exams begin Monday, 7:30 AM
5/5/2022 Spring Semester Ends
5/6/2022 Consecration, 8 PM
5/7/2022 Baccalaureate Services
5/7/2022 Seminary Graduation Dedication Service: 4:00 PM; Seminary Chapel
5/8/2022 Commencement Services