Photo of Vivian"Being on Gymnics was the highlight of my college and post-college years.  I made so many fantastic memories and lifelong friends being on Gymnics and I am forever thankful for this program and Andrews University.
The team is truly a family and there is nothing comparable to having 35+ people who care about you and always have your back. Gymnics taught me so much about teamwork, leadership, planning, performing and the importance of God in every aspect of your life. Every practice, tour, show, mission trip and homeshow was a trophy for God and God became real through all of these experiences. From the first prayer circle to the last homeshow on Sunday night each year was full of memories, bonding experiences and people who love gymnastics and God.
Once a Gymnic, always a Gymnic."

Vivian Perez, 2009-2014, Coached by Christian Lighthall and Eric Paddock