Admissions and Applications

Medical Laboratory Sciences Program

The application to the Medical Laboratory Science Program is dependent upon which option the applicant chooses (see Undergraduate Programs). All students, with the exception of the guest students from affiliate colleges*, must submit an application to Andrews University.  This includes those wishing to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science 1st degree, a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science 2nd degree, or a Certificate in Medical Laboratory Science. 

In addition, to enter the Clinical (Senior) Year all students, including guest students from affiliate colleges, must submit a Clinical Year Program Application directly to the MLS Department.  The Clinical Year Program Application is available from the MLS Department Office, or on the resources page on the website and should be submitted during Fall Semester of the Junior Year or by January 31 of the year planning to enter the Clinical Year.  (e.g. If planning to begin the Clinical Year in Fall of 2016, the application is due on January 31, 2016). The Clinical Year always begins during Fall semester and cannot be started at any other time. 

Although late applications are accepted, early submission is strongly encouraged.  Late applicants may be placed on a waiting list.

To view admissions requirements and application details select the desired program option from the menu on the left.

*Students coming to the Clinical (Senior) Year as guest from our affiliate colleges do not apply to Andrews University, however, they must apply to the Clinical Year Program.  For the names of affiliated colleges see Undergraduate Programs, affiliate guest students.

Allied Health Administration Program

Application for the Allied Health Administration Program follows the standard applicatoin to Andrews University.  However since this is a completion degree, applicants must obtain permission from the Department Chair, Karen Reiner.

To view admissions requirements and application details select the Allied Health Administration (BSAHA) link from the menu on the left.