Mission Statement and Philosophy

The Andrews University Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (SPLAD) provides faith-affirming Christian education.  The sequence of experiences focuses on the knowledge and practices for a career in the discipline.  Students will:

• Become knowledgeable about human communication and potential disorders
• Uphold the ethical and Christian principles regardless of age, gender or ethnicity
• Be prepared to provide high quality, effective clinical service.

Purpose and Philosophy

Professionals working in the areas of speech-language pathology have a unique opportunity to work with those who have communication impairments. The child who presents with speech or language impairments, a teen-ager who stutters, or a seventy year old man suffering from Parkinson’s disease who simply want to eat a satisfying meal can all benefit from the expertise and intervention of a speech-language pathologist.

Our emphasis is on excellence in education.  As a part of our Christian based program students receive extensive training and practice in the assessment, diagnosis, and remediation of speech, language and communication impairments.  Our program emphasizing the ethical responsibility to serve all clients regardless of race, age, ethnicity.