University Workshops

   Tue, November 5, 2013 @ 11:30 am - 12:20 pm

MoveWell Workshop
How to Strengthen Your Core
Johnson Gym

FeelWell Workshop
Learning to Control Test-taking Anxiety
Buller Hall, Room 207

ThinkWell Workshop
Using E-books for Academic Research by Lauren Matacio, Instruction Librarian
James White Library Instruction Lab

ThinkWell Workshop
Introduction to Speed Reading by Carletta Witzel
How fast should you be reading?   What do you need to do to increase your reading speed?   Do you even want to read faster?   Bring some easy reading material.
Buller Hall, Room 208

WorkWell Workshop
Advanced Connections for Student Employees
(must be registered for workshop to attend)
Administration Building, Room 307

TrustWell Workshop
"Blue Print” Documentary on Adventist Education by Martin Doblmeier
Buller Hall, Newbold Auditorium

LeadWell Workshop
I Hate This Job: Career Satisfaction
Leadership Lab, Campus Center

   Steve Yeagley