Revive Vespers: Melissa Bresnahan

   Fri, February 7, 2014 @ 07:30 pm - 08:45 pm
    Biology Amphitheater, Science Complex, Andrews University

This week, we will still be having vespers at our usual place and time entitled, "For the Love of Christ Constraineth Us" with Melissa Bresnahan.

So many of us struggle with sin and some of us seem to face defeat day in and day out or continue to struggle with our "cross." Still others strive to keep God's law and find it to be a cumbersome load. How can you experience God's power in our lives to overcome sin?  How can we find lasting peace and joy that comes from daily victories in our life?  How can we experience the satisfaction that God promises to give us when we live according to His commandments? How can we help friends or family who are wrestling and struggling with their own sins or find the Christian life to be dissatisfying? 

Come and be blessed at vespers this Friday as we delve into this all-important topic!

Sponsors: Dr. P. Gerard Damsteegt
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