Equity by Design Features Architecture Student

   Andrews in the News | Posted on September 14, 2016

This week's INSPIRE% post features equity champion Wandile Mthiyane, Co-Founder and President of Ubuntu Design Group, Fellow of The Resolution Project, and AIAS Chapter President at Andrews University. 

My name is Wandile Mthiyane. I am a Master of Architecture student and the founder of Ubuntu Design Group. I grew up in a shantytown in Durban, South Africa, and I believe in using architecture as a vehicle to restore communities’ dignity. I am currently working on partnering with shantytown communities to build sustainable, efficient and affordable housing and infrastructure. I am passionate about a design approach that empowers people by capitalizing upon the creative energy and spirit that they possess, as well as through collaboration with the architects and engineers for their community.

“ I’m studying architecture so that I can go back and harness the local creativity of my community origins. My vision is to build sustainable homes, which preserve the cultural values of the communities that I serve.”

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