Andrews University Renews SARA Participation

Andrews University has recently renewed its membership in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA).  Whenever Andrews University’s activities take it outside of Michigan, such as may happen with internships or seminars, another state’s approval or permission is likely required. This approval process usually involves applications and fees. However, Andrews University’s participation in SARA has streamlined this process, and consolidated the regulations and the fees for certain specified activities in SARA member states.

Currently all states except California, Florida and Massachusetts are participating in SARA. SARA covers online courses, internships, limited seminars, advertising, in-state distance education faculty, and recruiting in the participating states. So, the university may sponsor these specified activities in the states that are members of SARA, without incurring extra costs or paperwork. However, if you would like to sponsor an unlisted activity in a SARA state, or an activity in a non-SARA state, please contact Ethan Jones, the Director of Compliance for the School of Distance Education, by e-mailing him at Please also check our webpage for current information:

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