Christmas Greetings to Online Students

The School of Distance Education and International Partnerships and Griggs International Academy staff and student workers recorded a short video message to span the distance to the homes of each of our online and off-campus students in this festive season. Watch the video as we reflect on God's greatest gift that keeps on giving...
In the fullness of time
An angel spoke to Mary—
You will bear a son and his name shall be Emmanuel
God with us.
In the fullness of time 
Caesar Augustus issued a decree that the world should be taxed
For this, Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem
In that fullness of time 
Mary’s time had come 
Christ, the Savior was born 
Wrapped in swaddling cloth
Cradled in a manger 
In that fullness of time 
The glory of the Lord surrounded shepherds 
As a multitude of angels sang— 
Glory to God in heaven, 
And on earth let there be peace
And goodwill among all people 
Shepherds came from their fields 
While wise men journeyed from the east
The fullness of time had come with 
A pregnancy
A decree
A manger
A son
Jesus, Emmanuel
God with us 
The Savior had come
To walk among us
To bring light to fight the darkness
In the fullness of time 
The Saviour, Emmanuel, sacrificed all
For you
For me
For us
All of this in the fullness of time
God sent his son, Jesus Christ, Emmanuel
God with us, the greatest gift
We rejoice in this good news and wish all of our online and off-campus students peace and joy, wherever you are. 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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