Andrews Students Visit Osaka, Japan

From August 8–23, 2019, Dr. Marcella Myers is taking a group of students to Osaka, Japan, as part of an ongoing collaboration with Osaka City University. Students will be meeting and working in groups, paired with students from Osaka City University, exploring issues such as community building, natural disasters, disaster preparedness, and care for the elderly. Students will visit and job shadow at several key community organizations in the Osaka area. Andrews undergraduate students, from both on-campus and online degrees are participating. The trip is partly funded by Osaka City University, the Japanese government, and Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). Andrews University's partnership with Osaka City University has expanded from its beginning with Collaborative International Online Learning activities using Zoom and GoogleDrive for students to collaborate online in 2017 and 2018. 

Photo is from the COIL trip to Osaka City University in March 2019.

Sponsors: Osaka City University, Andrews University Department of History & Political Science, School of Distance Education
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